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Turn Your 215/240 Health License into a Successful Career

Compensation = 100% Commission (new to Medicare $457, plan change $222 ) plus lifetime renewals. As an independent agent, you’ll be compensated directly by the health plans.

**GOOD NEWS**- CMS has raised the Commissions for 2019 effective Medicare Advantage enrollments with a 2019 effective date. New commissions are new to Medicare $482, plan change $241

Did you go through the trouble of getting a Florida Health License with the intentions to become your own boss and making a good living?

Have you had trouble finding a real mentor to help get you started in the Medicare health insurance business? Have you been told about the enormous amount of money you will quickly be making, but you continue to see an empty bank account? I sure did, and that’s the reason I opened a Personalized Training insurance agency. When I started in the insurance business, I quickly learned just how important it was to finding someone that is willing to give you personalized help until you become Compliant, Confident and making Cash. If you don’t find that GENUINE MENTOR, there is a 95% chance you will fall through the large cracks and be unsuccessful at getting started.

As you can see, I’m all about honesty, no sugar coating here! Can you make money at this? Yes, absolutely! Will it take hard work, sacrifices and dedication to become successful doing this? Yes, of course! If any of this sounds familiar, please don’t hesitate to reach out and become one of the top producers for a great insurance business that redefines the level of personal interest a company takes with their family of agents. Our Agency office is located in New Port Richey, but as an independent agent, you are not bound to the office.

More details about the roles of an agent:

We are in the business of helping people understand their health care benefit options that are associated with the multiple Medicare/Medicaid health insurance plans, whereas, they can make the right/best decisions for their individual health care. It is a very personable rewarding career.

Our team of independent agents are not bound to a single product, whereas, you only have one option to offer potential clients. You will have access to all of the health care plans which allows you to help people make the best choice for the particular situation. In that regard, it is the easiest enrollment you will ever make because you are helping people, who are currently shopping, to enroll in the correct plan.

If you are new to the business or a seasoned Medicare/Medicaid sales rep, makes no difference. We would like to talk to you! Please give us a call today, so we can meet for coffee or tea and make a plan for your success with our company in the Medicare/Medicaid health insurance industry in 2017.

Anyone that has experience as an independent insurance agent, consultant, customer service, health care services, sales, insurance, mortgage broker, nursing or teaching background has a head start!

Please note ** this position requires a Florida Health License. You must possess a Florida 240 / 215 License to get started with us.

Thanks for your time,

Please contact Michael Crotts @ 813-562-1391

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