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Best Plan Choice: An Advocate for All Your Health Insurance Needs

Many seniors, are cautious about change – especially when it comes to their health insurance. A few years ago, a retired military veteran, referred to here as Paul, landed in the hospital with a diagnosis of acute COPD. At the time of his discharge from the hospital he knew he was going to need oxygen delivered to his home. He had been told his VA benefits would cover all of his expenses and there was no need to enroll in Medicare Part B.  But then Paul found out the VA would not cover the cost of delivering his oxygen and because he was unable to drive and pick it up he was struggling every day to breathe comfortably.

Medicare Part B covers things like physician services, outpatient hospital, and medical equipment, and currently cost about $145 per month. If you don’t enroll in Medicare Part B when you are first eligible, you may incur a premium penalty for each 12-month period you are without Part B coverage.

Paul wasn’t facing bills for the cost of oxygen deliveries and he couldn’t afford to pay the late enrollment penalty for Medicare Part B. He needed help. 

Paul’s friend had recently been helped by Best Plan Choice. He referred Paul to the insurance agency because they specialize in Medicare coverage and could help Paul. The agents of Best Plan Choice, led by Michael Crotts, are certified to enroll beneficiaries into Medicare health plans.

“When I met Paul, he was struggling to breathe, having trouble getting his oxygen delivered, and facing Part B penalties. I knew I could help him, but he was frustrated and angry about what had happened,” said Michael Crotts owner of the insurance agency.

Over numerous conversations, Paul got to know Michael by asking a lot of questions. He appreciated that Michael was helpful and not just pushing to enroll him in a plan. Finally, Paul asked Michael for help with picking a plan and reducing his Part B expenses.  

Paul was able to enroll into a Medicare Advantage plan specifically created for individuals with COPD. The plan offers delivered oxygen at no charge and includes medical management programs for his chronic condition. Because the plan offers a monthly rebate it reduces the Part B premium and penalty taken from his social security check.

In interviewing Paul, he shared that “I found Michael to be honest. Everything he said he would do, he did,” said Paul. “If he said I’ll be there tomorrow, he would show up on time. If ever I need help, I don’t hesitate to call Michael and he is there for me.”

It’s no wonder many of Michael customers have come to know him as “Mike.” Licensed in Florida as a health insurance agent, Michael is an insurance broker, which means he is not exclusive to any one health plan.  

When asked, Michael shared, “I find the best plan for my customer and because the health plans all commission me the same there is no incentive to promote a plan to meet a sales quota. We are pleased to offer our services without charge to our customers and we remain very proud of the company’s 5-star Google rating.


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