From Sales to Service: Who’s Your Agent?

Medicare’s annual enrollment period is almost closed for the year. If you missed it, stop reading, pick-up the phone and dial 855-BOOMER65. We may still be able to help you.

If you spent time researching the new 2019 health plans and made a change to a new plan, or stayed enrolled in the same plan for next year, there is still an opportunity to get free assistance in managing your 2019 health benefit plan. As a licensed health agent, the annual enrollment period is a busy time for me and my clients. My insurance agency is dedicated to serving individuals with Medicare (with or without Medicaid). Between Thanksgiving and the December holidays we transition the office from an enrollment center into a Medicare Service Center.

During this time, we are still available to help individuals who missed annual enrollment.  We understand all of the special election periods, qualifying conditions and plan types that still may be available even if you missed the December 7th deadline. It’s never too late to have us review your circumstances to determine if you are eligible to switch your plan.

However, as a Medicare Service Center we are helping clients with selection and appointment setting with their physicians, applying for extra help with the cost of pharmaceuticals, ordering free over-the-counter benefits, and learning about how to avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency room. Many plans are unable to advertise all of the benefits, or discounts, available to their customers. We make it our priority to ensure you get the absolute most out of your health plan coverage.

Did you know many plans offer a free fitness membership with enrollment? If you have never been to a gym for a senior class, then you may need a little extra encouragement to attend. Often, we are scheduled to conduct events at the Silver Sneaker classes. We can coordinate to be there together. How many other agents will meet you at the gym? I encourage you to have fun while learning a new workout routine, meet new friends, and not be in it alone.

Speaking of trying new things, have you tried to dial up your doctor on a computer screen or downloaded an app to your phone? Even if you aren’t sure you are ready for the “digital age” of healthcare, it is ready for you. Most health plans and many doctors make accessing healthcare easier and more affordable if you are willing to use your phone, computer or tablet. In addition to saving money you can save time and often handle matters from the comfort of your home.

One client recently used a telemedicine doctor to have them view and diagnose a skin rash they were experiencing.  This short phone call allowed the doctor to prescribe the right medicine without having the client come to the office. Without this option, she would have waited almost a week to see her dermatologist. Learning how to use these tools is easier when someone explains them. If you call our office we are able to schedule time to help you ease into healthcare technology at your own pace.

Please take the opportunity to get to know us. Our Medicare Service Center is located at 7634 Massachusetts Ave in New Port Richey, FL. Also, we are happy to schedule house calls seven days a week during the day and early evening. Best Plan Choice, where Friends become clients and Clients become Friends, 727-845-5297 or contact us online.

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