Do You Know Your Insurance Agent?

Just the other day, I was having a conversation about my home and auto insurance and realized I do not know my insurance agent personally.  I thought about just being a name and a policy number to the people who would help me if something happened and if I had to file a claim. My agency is reputable but who would answer the phone if I had a serious problem?  Then I realized not knowing my home or auto agent may be alright, but my health care is far more important. For me, I want to personally know who I can count on when I have a question or concern about my health insurance coverage. It does matter.  

Countless conversations with Michael Crotts, have confirmed my belief that knowing your health insurance agent is important. Michael relates to many times when he has helped a Medicare beneficiary in need of assistance to obtain a reputable health plan or with other personal matters. He knows his clients and their families, their health concerns, and does his best  to give them peace of mind and often access to financial help which may offset the cost of expensive premiums, pharmacy copayments of other insurance related expenses such as Part B premiums.

One client of Best Plan Choice knows she is not just a name or a number. Her name is Darlene and she lives nearby with her son Jonathan.  I am not stating her last name to respect her privacy; however, I personally spoke with Darlene recently. She related that after moving from Kentucky, back to Florida, she found herself in a quandary as to what to do about Medicare health insurance for herself and her 29 year old son. She found insurance complicated, confusing and ever-changing with new products being offered every year. Her feelings are certainly justified.

When she reached out to Michael and his Medicare team they conducted an in-depth needs analysis of their coverage needs. Michael quickly discovered Darlene may qualify for additional assistance with pharmaceutical costs and was able to help her apply. As a result of the time Michael spent understanding his clients, they were both enrolled in a Medicare health plan offering all of the benefits of original Medicare and Medicaid plus several additional benefits such as transportation, eye glasses, dental, and free over-the-counter health supplies.  

Helping Darlene and Jonathan find the best plan for their needs was not the only way Michael was able to serve his clients. Darlene related how Michael assisted Jonathan numerous times by finding him community resources.  He helped him in finding a job, a fitness center and adaptive phone. Darlene said, “Michael is more than an agent; he is a person who cares. Whenever I called with a problem, he would always call me back.” This, to me, is truly service above and beyond an agent’s call.

Decision making for something as important and personal as health insurance should be made on a person-to-person basis.  If you don’t have an agent, or your agent is no longer available to you, please call Michael Crotts, or his office Best Plan Choice, and let him assist you in navigating your health care needs. Even if you decide to stay enrolled in your current health plan, Michael may still become your agent of record and will be available to assist you. He will speak with you personally about your needs and concerns just like he did for Darlene, Jonathan and so many other clients.  They know Mike, as their insurance agent, will be there for them.

Do you really know if your agent will be available to you when needed? Do you really know your agent?

If not, call Michael Crotts at Best Plan Choice today 727-845-5297. Michael will be the first to proudly share with you; “Friends become Clients, and Client become Friends”.

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