It is The “Health Plan” Time of Year

Now that the grandchildren are settling back into school and fall days are approaching it is the perfect time to start thinking about your current plan coverage and needs. The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) runs October 1st– December 7th but what should you be thinking about now?

Annual coverage limits. For certain coverage, such as dental, schedule appointments now to utilize any remaining benefits. You can start a dental procedure at the end of the year and finish in the beginning of the next year when your benefit coverage is refreshed. For eye glass benefits make sure to obtain your new glasses before the end of the year. If you don’t have dental and vision benefits we can show you plans offering these options.

Special Enrollment Periods. Sometimes you may be eligible to enroll into a plan or switch coverage outside of the annual enrollment period. These special election periods can occur because you moved, also have Medicaid, have a chronic condition such as diabetes or want to enroll in a five star plan. Find out about your choices.

Annual Notice of Change. In September you will get a letter spelling out the changes in your benefits from 2018 to 2019. The letters are usually very detailed and may be confusing. No need to worry, you can call our office now to schedule your appointment to review your current benefits by calling 855-BOOMER65. Register now to be amongst the first to find out about changes to your plan and all of the plan choices offered in your area.  

Employer Coverage. If you are receiving health plan coverage from an employer, or former employer, and you are eligible for Medicare it is very important to understand your options and the impact of your decisions. We can assist you with benefit options and met with your benefits administrator at your (former) employer. If you are working strictly to provide insurance coverage for a non-Medicare eligible spouse, we may be able to offer you a non-Medicare health plan for your spouse and help you enroll in a Medicare plan all for less than the cost of your current insurance plan. Imagine retirement may be closer than you thought.

There are many resources to help Medicare beneficiaries select a health plan and all of them should be without a fee or charge. However, many of the resources represent only one health plan or aren’t specifically trained and appointed to present all of the health plans. Every agent who works for Best Plan Choice is licensed and in good standing with the Florida Department of Financial Services. Each year they complete extensive training and testing for product knowledge.

Best Plan Choice has agents located throughout the State of Florida and their services are always without cost to you.

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