2021 Health Plan Seminar information

Video Conferences- individual or group sessions

By October 1st Medicare Advantage health plans release changes to their benefits for the upcoming calendar year. Changes may include additional benefits, new limitations, changes in copayment amounts, or even modifications to the pharmacy formulary which may impact your medication coverage. Reviewing the changes to your plan and comparing them to other health plan benefits does not need to be overwhelming. We have the resources to make the process simple and to help you find exciting new benefits to consider.


We can help you with your health insurance needs in a safe and convenient way with Zoom Medicare Seminars. You simply call in from your phone or join by computer. When you join one of our Zoom Medicare Seminars, we will cover important topics such as:


Special Enrollment Periods: You may be eligible to enroll into a new health plan without waiting until the end of the year. Special enrollment periods can occur because you move, qualify for Medicaid, have a chronic condition such as diabetes, or want to enroll in a five-star health plan.


Important Medicare Changes: Health plans must pay for Medicare covered benefits but in Florida the medicare advantage plans offer generous supplement or value-added benefits. New plans or products are not always advertised but I can show them to you after October 1st.


Other Coverage: Even if you are happy with your Medicare plan, I can help you find coverage for a spouse or life partner who is not eligible for Medicare or get a quote for life insurance products.


Financial Assistance: Learn the facts about what financial assistance is available for Medicare health insurance and/or pharmacy expenses and how to apply.


Individual FREE “in-home” appointments now available by video or phone so you get the personalized service you deserve without someone physically entering your home. To get a complete list of Zoom Medicare Seminars please call or email us at office@bestplanchoice.com.


We will even send step by step directions on how to join a Zoom meeting. We have lots of exciting information to share and look forward to Zooming with you.