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Medicare Advantage Health Plans – You have many choices

Most individuals have many choices when they become eligible for Medicare. Health plan choices are typically determined by the county in which you reside. This is why you move to a new county you are required to update your address with the Social Security administration. When you move you have the ability to a select a new plan and in some cases may be required to pick a different plan.

Managed Care Organizations (MSOs) MCOs are licensed and regulated insurance companies under a contract with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Commonly known MCOs include: United, Humana, WellCare, Aetna, Centene/AllWell, Freedom/Optimum, and Ultimate. These MCOs offer more than one plan type within the same county. Some plan types require you to meet eligible requirements while others are available as a matter of preference.

Health Plan Types:

Three of the most common types of health plan products are DSNPs, CSNPs, and Traditional (Core) plans.

  • Dual Special Needs Plans (DSNP) require you to have some level of Medicaid assistance in addition to Medicare. If you aren’t sure if you have Medicaid, or think you may qualify, we can assist you.
  • Chronic Special Needs Plans (CSNP) offer plans specifically tailored for individuals with certain chronic conditions such as diabetes, CHF, COPD or others. Your doctor will also sign a form to document your chronic condition.
  • Traditional (Core) Plans only require Medicare eligibility to enroll. They may include HMO or PPO products and have different features. Often plans cover ancillary services such as vision, dental and hearing benefits. Some plans refund part of your Part B premium while others charge an additional premium. Each has different out of pocket costs and features so it is very important to review your choices with an agent authorized to represent multiple plans.

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