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Will Medicare cover my eye glasses, hearing aids and dentures?

Of the 4 million Medicare beneficiaries in Florida, about half have discovered a way to maximize their Medicare coverage by getting extra health care benefits at no cost. If you are not receiving these extra benefits, such as dental care, now is the perfect time to find out about your options.

Generally eye glasses, hearing aids and dental care are not covered under original Medicare, but are available with no cost, with a Medicare Advantage plan. These plans are required to cover all benefits offered by original Medicare. In Florida, they compete to do business with savvy seniors by offering extra benefits, not covered by original Medicare, to attract and retain consumers.

Does your neighbor attend exercise classes at the local fitness center?

Chances are she is taking advantage of the free gym membership included in her Medicare health plan. Extra benefits may include transportation services, zero or low cost medications, and free over-the-counter products delivered to your home.

Most plans remain premium-free and some include a monthly rebate increasing your social security check by reimbursing some or all of your Medicare Part B premium. Individuals with limited incomes, even those who own their own home, may qualify for even more assistance. Ask about applying for extra help.

Best Plan Choice, LLC is an agency dedicated exclusively to assisting beneficiaries with Medicare health plan choices. We never charge a fee and will meet with you in our office in New Port Richey or your home. Scheduling an appointment is the best way to make your personalized health plan choices and learn about extra benefits.

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